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With a knowledgable staff, top tier merchandise and unbeatable prices, you will never walk away disappointed with your purchase. We keep track of your needs and make it a point that our shelves are stacked with the most in demand products. Shop with us for a one of a kind experience!

We have a diverse selection of products!

Our inventory is being constantly updated to ensure you can find all the smoking products you need from one place.


We carry a wide array of premium Cigars made from the finest tobacco leaves and hand rolled in countries all over the world. Click "Learn More" to see our selection.


Come in and see our wide collection of premium, all natural Cigarette and Pipe tobacco. Let us show you just how easy it is to roll yourself.


We have great deals with a quality selection of hookahs to smoke from the highest quality brands, such as Khalil Mamoon, Nammor, Mya Saray, Starbuzz and Regal. See our collecion and for the best prices.


We carry a large variety of CBD based products including but limited to honey sticks, bath bombs, lollipops, lotions, cream, tinctures juices, oral drops, CBD shot, CBD Gummies, CBD Candy, vape additives, brownies, CBD MCT Oils and syrups.


Many people find Kratom helps them with energy, pain, relaxation and motivation.
We carry a variety of Kratom Powders like Bali, Redvain, Greenvain, Vietman and Maehnda.

And much more...

You can find a large variey of smoking accessories and parapharnalia ranging from exotic scented sticks to a variety of Stash cans.
You can also find a large assortment of antique clothing and bags at our Smokeshop.

We truly believe customer is king!

"Extremely friendly and courteous employees that are very helpful with your questions and sales. The shop carries a wide assortment of smoking pipes, grinders, Kratom, etc. Best selection in the area and great prices! I shop here once a week for my needs and it’s always a pleasure doing business with somerville smoke shop. 👍🏼👍🏼"

Farrah Hart


"Great inventory this vape shop has good stuff and more than any vape shops I visit. I bought a vape and he put in the juice and explain it like no other vape shop has. I come from jersey city being an Uber driver you could imagine how many vape shops I visit but this one I will visit more often happy with the service will give it 10/10 but could only put 5 here. So if you are looking for any kind of juice this is your place they have high quality."

Oscar H


"Walked in and the gentleman behind the counter was very helpful in helping me find what it was I was looking for. Not only friendly but also knowledgeable and informative about my purchase...many thanks,I will be going back."

Mark Giordano


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Address: 120 W Main St A, Somerville, NJ 08876

Phone: (908) 429-3144

The products sold at Somerville SmokeShop are meant for TOBACCO use only. You must be 21years old and MUST provide a valid ID to purchase any tobacco products or accessories.
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